Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have look at two different peoples blogs and both have done the same thing they have written letters to people. So i'm sorry if your one of those people... not meaning to copy you...

To .....

you really are a better friend then you think... yoru a great friend... even if you dont believe it

Love Alison

To Someone

I really do forgive you... even if you don't believe that either...

Love Alison

To everyone,

Never forget that someone loves you... in the words of Stellar Kart... You got me and Jesus

From well me...

thats pretty much it... i don't have anything else to say...


  1. i'm wondering who i am.....or possibly if i'm one of these people

    who am i?

  2. yru one of them jema... which one do you think???

  3. errrrrrrrr
    good question
    first one?

  4. well i don't think you're forgiving me for anything...and the 3rd one is to everyone
    so yeah
    its kind of logical to think the 1st one